A similar phenomenon might possibly be observed certainly team leadership and you will among the highest ranks for the authorities

When we explore the fresh new Colombian culture from contact of 6-D Design©, we are able to get a good breakdown of this new deep drivers away from their community relative to other business countries.

Fuel Point

This dimension works together that all anyone inside the societies aren’t equal – it conveys the latest ideas of your own culture to your this type of inequalities amongst all of us. Fuel Point is understood to be new the total amount to which the less effective people in organizations and you may enterprises in this a nation anticipate and you will accept that power is sent unequally.

In the 67 Colombia results high on the scale of your own PDI, therefore it is a people you to thinks you to inequalities between someone basically a fact regarding lifetime. This inequality was recognized in every layers away from area, thus a commitment frontrunner get a number of centered stamina as compared to his connection management group, and therefore will get far more power than many other union members.


The essential situation addressed from this aspect ‘s the amount of interdependence a community retains certainly the users. It has to perform having if or not anybody?s thinking-picture is defined when it comes to “I” or “We”. In Individualist communities everyone is supposed to maintain themselves and its lead household members simply. From inside the Collectivist societies some one fall under ‘during the groups’ you to manage him or her in exchange for respect.

At a rating off thirteen Colombia is one of the reasonable Individualist scores; put simply, they lays amongst the very collectivistic countries globally, defeated only by Ecuador, Panama and you may Guatemala.Since the Colombians is actually an incredibly collectivistic some body, owned by an out in-class and you may straightening your self thereupon group’s opinion is extremely importantbined on the higher scores for the PDI, this is why groups usually have its strong identities tied to classification variations. Commitment so you’re able to like organizations is key and regularly it’s compliment of “corporative” teams that individuals obtain privileges and pros that aren’t to be discovered various other societies. At the same time, conflict try averted, in order to maintain category balance and to save yourself face.

Relationship much more very important than simply paying attention the task in hand, while a group of individuals holds an impression to your an point, they shall be registered by every which feel associted with you to group. Colombians can occasionally really take the time so you can if they become there can be enough appeal supplied to developing a great dating, or if perhaps they perceive an enthusiastic “in-group” union of a few kinds, not narrow. Yet not, men and women perceived as “outsiders” could easily be omitted or considered as “enemies”. Typically the most popular communication looks are framework-steeped, thus public speeches and you may written data files are comprehensive and complex.


A top score (Masculine) with this measurement indicates that brand new community will be determined from the race, achievement and you can triumph, that have triumph are discussed by the champion / finest in field – a value program you to starts at school and you will goes on while in the organisational lifetime.

A low score (Feminine) to the measurement means that the fresh principal values inside the community was looking after anyone else and you will standard of living. A womanly society is one in which well being ‘s the indication of triumph and you may position from the audience is not admirable. The essential point this is what encourages some one, trying to be the ideal (Masculine) or taste everything do (Feminine).

During the 64 Colombia is a masculine neighborhood – highly triumph depending and you may determined. Colombians are aggressive and you can condition-dependent, yet , collectivistic in the place of Individualist. Consequently competition is actually brought into people in almost every other teams (or societal kinds), perhaps not to the people who find themselves regarded as people in your in-group.Anyone look for subscription in the organizations which give them updates and you can perks pertaining to results, however they will lose entertainment facing really works, so long as this really is backed by group subscription by power owners.

Suspicion Cures

The fresh new dimension Uncertainty Prevention has to do with the way in which a people works together with the reality that the near future can never become identified: should we strive to control tomorrow or allow it to happen? So it ambiguity provides on it nervousness and various societies enjoys analyzed to manage so it stress in a different way. The extent to which brand new members of a people become endangered by the ambiguous or unfamiliar affairs and have composed philosophy and you will organizations one try to avoid this type of is reflected from the rating for the Uncertainty Cures.

From the 80 Colombia keeps a high get into the Uncertainty Protection and this means since the a country he’s looking to systems to avoid ambiguity. Attitude was publicly shown; you will find (extensive) laws for everything and personal conservatism possess slightly a following. This is exactly together with mirrored from inside the faith, which is recognized, followed closely by of a lot and conservative. Rules are not always accompanied, however: it hinges on the fresh for the-group’s thoughts, into if the class feels the rules are applicable to their players therefore depends, in the course of time, into decision away from fuel proprietors, just who make own legislation. Inside work terms that it causes detailed believed that will perhaps not fundamentally be observed in practice.

The mixture regarding high UAI to the score into the past proportions means that it is difficult to change brand new condition quo, except if a fact of expert could probably accumulate a giant group of people and you may lead her or him into the changes.

Long haul Positioning

It dimensions refers to just how the area must care for specific links with its very own earlier in the day when you find yourself discussing the issues of your introduce and future, and you may societies prioritise these two existential goals in different ways. Normative communities. hence score lowest on this subject dimensions, like, want to care for go out-honoured life and norms when you find yourself seeing personal change that have uncertainty. Individuals with a community and that results large, concurrently, take a far more pragmatic approach: they remind thrift and you will efforts inside the modern degree as an easy way to set up for the future.

Having the lowest rating out-of 13, Colombian society was classified because normative. People in such societies features a powerful concern about starting the latest sheer Information; he or she is normative inside their thought. It display higher regard to have way of living, a somewhat small propensity to store money for hard times, and you can a watch gaining short performance.


One to issue one face humankind, today as well as in for the past, ‘s the studies that young kids was socialized. As opposed to socializing we really do not become “human”. It dimension is understood single catholic women to be the new the amount to which individuals are to control its desires and you will impulses, according to the way these were elevated. Relatively poor control is known as “Indulgence” and you will apparently solid manage is named “Restraint”. Societies can, thus, be named Indulgent or Restrained.

Rating a very high 83 contained in this dimensions, Colombia try proven to be a keen Indulgent country. Members of societies categorized by a premier score in Extravagance essentially exhibit a willingness so you can realise the signals and you may wants in regards to to viewing lives and having enjoyable. It features a confident ideas and also a tendency toward optimism. On the other hand, they put a higher level of benefits with the sparetime, play the role of they delight and spend cash as they need to.

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